UNISON backs 1st July demo – No More Austerity!

General Secretary calls on UNISON members to support demo – No More Austerity – 1st July

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UNISON General Secretary Dave Prentis, in his keynote speech to UNISON’s National Delegate Conference, has called on UNISON members to support a march against Tory austerity in London called for 1st July.

This demonstration has been called by the People’s Assembly and is aimed at reinforcing the growing opposition to the Government’s policies on public spending and the NHS. Dave Prentis said that the mood had changed and people feel that there is an alternative that is worth fighting for. The election result has weakened the Tory government and we need to protest now to put pressure on for new policies and to build the fightback we need against austerity and for decent pay, services and social justice.