Please complete the survey of members about cuts to local council budgets and their working lives – Survey deadline 11th June

Announcement graphic reading: "Please complete Local Government Cuts Survey. Deadline 11th June."

Please complete the survey of members about the impact of local government cuts on services, and the impact on their working lives – including workplace stress, use of food banks, and undertaking unpaid overtime.

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This forms part of our campaigning and lobbying strategy to secure more money for local government in the Autumn Budget. In the run-up to the UK government’s Autumn Budget in November, we’ll be asking branches to support members to lobby their local MPs on the need for more funding in local government. We’ll be providing resources and more information in due course.

As part of this work, we will be supporting members’ and branches’ lobbying activity by providing constituency-level breakdowns of the survey results – giving you statistics to use in the local press and to lobby local MPs. It is essential that we receive as many responses as possible from members, so that we have results for all branches that can be used for campaigning.

Please complete this survey and share with fellow members. The deadline is 11th June.

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