Southend UNISON extends solidarity with Ladywood Primary School’s Dinner Ladies who have gone on permanent strike! #StarsInOurSchools UNDER ATTACK! @UNISONBarnsley

Announcement graphic reading: "Save our Dinner Ladies, UNISON Barnsley Branch. Stars In Our Schools UNDER ATTACK!" This announcement text overlaids a photograph of picketing Ladywood Primary School’s Dinner Ladies.
Stars In Our Schools UNDER ATTACK! Picketing Ladywood Primary School’s Dinner Ladies.

Southend UNISON has sent £250 toward the Dinner Ladies’ strike hardship fund and calls on the Governors and Headteacher to stop attacking our STARS IN OUR SCHOOLS and drop their unacceptable plans to axe jobs.

The Headteacher and Board of Governors of Ladywood Primary School (Grimethorpe, Barnsley) have proposed to make all nine School Meals Supervisory Assistants (dinner ladies) redundant.

The school’s proposals would lead to the hardworking Teaching Assistants replacing the dinner ladies and supervising the children at dinnertime. These plans have been put forward because the school’s management do not believe the dinner ladies have the skills to support the children.

UNISON is campaigning hard to save our members’ jobs. The redundancies will be devastating for our dinner ladies, and it’s unfair to ask the already overworked Teaching Assistants to pick up this important job. Our members know how damaging these proposals would be to the school’s children.

We believe the proposals are completely unnecessary and the school does not need to do this. The dedicated dinner ladies are at the heart of school life and have been supporting the children for generations. UNISON does not believe the school has to make these redundancies because of budget cuts.

We are asking all UNISON members and friends to stand together in solidarity and sign the petition at:

To learn more about the Dinner Ladies’ situation and to contribute to the hardship fund please visit Barnsley UNISON website and/or contact the branch.