Grovember: Let’s grow our union. Get a fellow worker to join today!

Announcement graphic reading: "Grovember – Let's grow our union."

Dear Officers, Stewards and Members,

We’re in the final week of November and our month-long push for growth: Grovember.

We can all feel very optimistic about what everyone has achieved so far – but there is still time before the campaign formally comes to a close this weekend for one final effort to get a fellow worker to join.

So everyone, let’s get talking, getting names on application forms (which can be collected from the branch office) – and using the  Easy Joiner  tool to get potential members signed up digitally in just two easy steps.

Let’s remember to highlight the strengths that makes UNISON and our branch great – and highlight the special thank-you offers that give members and their families the chance to save money on holidays, days out and theatre trips.

 ▹ Find out more about Grovember and the resources to help you 
 ▹ Find out more about our offers for new and existing members 
 ▹ Have you signed up at least one member? You could win cash! 

All the best,

Claire Wormald
Branch Secretary