Peoples Assembly Online Rally 7th May

The Fight for our lives

Mass online rally from 6:30pm Thursday 7th May organised by the People’s assembly:

The Government’s mishandling of the coronavirus crisis has cost thousands of lives. The People’s Assembly will be hosting a huge online platform for campaigns to voice their demands to meet this emergency and for a better life after the crisis.
We will be broadcasting across a large number of social media platforms so there is the potential for an audience of thousands, a social media takeover.

Watch live from the People’s Assembly Facebook Page on Thursday from 6:30pm:

Peoples Assembly rally lineup

Here are a few things you can do to help us make this as big as possible:

1. Share the event:

Use your 500 invites on Facebook. Don’t be shy!

2. Post on social media:

Here is some sample copy you might want to use:

Join the Fight for our Lives rally on Thursday 6.30pm. More than 50 organisations representing millions of people are coming together to take over social media platforms by streaming an online rally to demand universal testing, tracking, PPE and no return to austerity.  Key Workers, so crucial to our society deserve a pay rise, better conditions and recognition for their contribution. We will not be made to pay for this health crisis that has been so badly managed by this Government.

3. Use the graphics in this email. You can find them here on our resource page.

4. Let’s get trending on social media during the online Rally using #HealthBeforeWealth