Urgent – Help Protect Redundancy Benefits

Local Government Redundancy Benefits Under Attack-

Urgent stampAre you in the Local Government Pension Scheme? – We need your help to lobby Government by Friday! :

  • Your payments and pension on redundancy are under  immediate  threat!
  • We have until this Friday 18th December to respond to the government
  • Every member can help – Download the model letter here
  • Add your details and email the letter to LGExitPay@communities.gov.uk (you will get an email saying the consultation is closed but as long as you’ve replied by 18th December it will count!)
  • Let UNISON know you’ve responded

The government are adding more changes to their ‘pension cap’ policy which will cut both redundancy pay and any early pension you are entitled to in the case of redundancy. This will not just affect the highest-paid but potentially every pension scheme member. The employer is making you go early – and you’re then being penalised for all your long service and years of pension contributions!

Their original policy penalised you if your redundancy pay plus the employer’s payment to support your pension came to £95k (even that limit affected many low-paid members) but now they’re going even further so most people will lose out.

This will condemn even more workers to lower benefits  just when they are older and will find it  harder to find a job at all, let alone with decent pay and conditions. It’s being rushed through at a time when government cuts are leading to job cuts across councils.

These are our rights – it’s in your terms and conditions that you get more than the legal minimum in redundancy pay and we’ve all spent years paying in to the pension scheme which helps protect our pension income if our employer makes us redundant.

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