Use Your Vote in NEC Elections – Southend Nominations


Elections for UNISON’s National Executive Council (NEC) take place from 4th May to 27th May. Look out for your ballot paper arriving in the post.

The NEC is a body made up of ordinary union members who are elected to run the union between conferences.

You will get a vote for seats representing our Region (Eastern), for your Service Group (Local Government, Community etc) and for national seats representing young workers, Black workers and disabled members.  Some of these seats are reserved for low paid and women members to ensure fair representation across the union.

Please make sure you read what the candidates have to say and vote for those you think will represent you best. Your vote can make a difference!

Southend’s Nominations:

Southend’s Branch Executive Committee looked at the requests for nomination that candidates sent us and agreed to nominate a number of them. Our reason for supporting these candidates is set out below:

“Southend branch has nominated candidates standing on a ‘Time For Real Change’ platform in the elections for UNISON’s governing National Executive Committee (NEC) for national, service group and regional seats.

They want to represent the needs of the grass roots rather than just going along with UNISON’s paid top officials and to shift union resources from the centre towards our local branches as we face the challenge of further Government cuts to funding, services and our rights.

These candidates all have a track record of standing up for members and services over pay, jobs, safety and discrimination.”

The candidates the Branch nominated include the following from our own Region:

Candidate portraits