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Employers offer 1.5% pay insult

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Council and school workers have kept the country going, and after a decade of cuts, it’s time for a decent pay rise. But the Goverment and our employers have offered a slap in the face – just 1.5%!

Support UNISON’s claim for a fair increase – 10% pay rise for local government workers.

We urge every member to email your councillor

Local councillors can voice their support and raise this issue directly with local government employers. It takes one minute using our tool here:  Email your councillor

Our claim is fair

10% would pull the the lowest paid to above £10 per hour – ​lifting them above the ​real ​living ​wage of £9.50 per hour (outside London).

Staff working in local government have seen up to 25% wiped from the value of their pay, after ten years of savage local authority cuts and pay restraint.

Local government workers have kept the country going during the COVID crisis, facing daily risks to do vital work and keep communities safe.

UNISON is clear – it is time for fair pay for council and school workers ✊

On 14 May 2021 the local government employers made a pay offer of 1.5%.

UNISON’s NJC committee – council and school staff elected by members – will meet on Friday 21 May, to decide on our formal response, as well as next steps for the negotiations and the campaign. We will keep this webpage up to date.