About Stewards and Branch Officers

Could you become …..a steward or a branch officer? 

Are you passionate?

….. about rights at work, about equality issues or about health and safety? Do you blog about issues you care about or do you organise support for a cause? Are you someone who speaks up about what happens to you and your colleagues?

Whatever you are interested in, UNISON needs volunteers to run our branch and represent our members. there is more information about the roles below.

How to apply:

You can submit a nomination online here.

“But I haven’t got any experience!”

UNISON will always train and support any member who wants to try a job out or get knowledge about an area of the union’s work. Even our most long standing officers and representatives started without any experience!

Our stewards and representatives often start by taking straightforward cases to give members support and understand their issues or by taking up one of our campaigns or petitions in their workplace . That’s frequently enough, and it helps for someone to just be the face of UNISON in their office or workplace. If you want to do more and tackle complicated hearings and issues then there’s plenty of advice, training and mentoring available.

Have a look at how you can help:

There is a list of our branch officer posts below. All of them, along with stewards, are up for election each year and will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting. Some are special jobs like being the treasurer or organising education. Others help to organise groups like Black or Young members. All of them are part of the wider branch team and get our support.

If you want to know more, contact the office by email at unison@southend.gov.uk for a discussion about what is involved and how UNISON can support you in these roles. There is further information about stewards and health and safety reps here  and about the branch officer roles here

Branch Officer Posts to be elected:

· Branch Secretary · Treasurer
· Branch Chair · Communications Officer
· Women’s Officer · LGBT Members’ Officer
· Disabled Members’ Officer · Black Members’ Officer
· Equalities Officer · Education Officer
· International Officer · Welfare Officer
· Health and Safety Officer · Young Members’ Officer
· Retired Members’ Officer · Events Officer