We are a branch of the UNISON trade union. We have nearly 2,000 members employed by Southend Council, South Essex Homes, Schools and many other public and private sector employers.

We are a democratic organisation run by our members, who elect officers and stewards to represent them. We have a Branch Executive Committee which meets every month. We send delegates to the Eastern Region of UNISON, and national conferences.

We all need support and representation at work. Trade unions are independent organisations which are our voice in the workplace and our communities. We need you to join us, so that you can get the support you need and so that we can be stronger and louder when we speak up for our members.

Who’s Who – Branch Officers

President | Louise McDermott

Senior Vice President | Steve Cooper

Junior Vice President | Gloria Lawton

Secretary | Claire Wormald

Chair | Steve Cooper

Assistant Secretary | Diane Fraser

Treasurer | Robert Harris

Education Officer | Claire Wormald

Welfare Officer | Liliana Baker

International Officer Vacant

Equalities Officer | June Dillow

SBC Health & Safety Officer | Diane Fraser

SEH Health and Safety Officer | Gordon Wells

Assistant Health and Safety Officer | Louise McDermott

Black Members’ Officer Vacant

SBC LGBT+ Members’ Officer | Ashley Dalton

SEH LGBT+ Members’ Officer Vacant

LGBT+ Support Officer | Sam Adams

Women’s Officer | Louise McDermott

Women’s Officer | June Dillow

Communications Officer | Tim Fransen

Events Officer | Shona Rowe

Young Members’ Officer Vacant

Retired Members’ Officer | Pam Drever

Retired Members’ Officer | Roger Young

Disabled Members’ Officer | Jill Henson

SEH Disabled Members’ Officer Vacant

Who’s Who – Stewards

Department of People

Steve Cooper | Youth & Connexions

Victoria Pallen | Locality Teams

Samantha Reed | Community Housing

Diane Fraser | Adult Services

Louise McDermott | Regulatory Services

South Essex Homes

Gordon Wells | Caretakers, Health and Safety

Pam Haffie | Careline, Nicholson House

Nadine Gould | Senior Steward

Neal Brown | untrained Steward

Corporate Services

Robert Harris | Legal & Democratic

Liliana Baker | Council Tax and Benefits

Department of Place

June Dillow | Museums & Libraries

Kevan Baker | Waste and Environmental

Marcus Woods | Parks, Health and Safety

Christopher Langden | Museums


Mary Sykes | Futures Community College

Sharon Hatton | Leigh North Street Primary School

Caroline Crofts | Hamstel Junior School

Jo Gull | Greenways Primary School

Victoria Crow | Thorpedene Primary School

Laura Noakes | Thorpedene Primary School

Private Sector

Sharon Needham | Southend Care

Lazarus Sibanda | Affinity Trust

Community and Voluntary Sector