NEC Elections – USE YOUR VOTE – Voting Papers out NOW

Elections Close 17th May

The National Executive Council for which you are voting lay members onto, serves to manage the union between National delegate conferences and has full power and authority to act on behalf of the union. It comprises of elected delegates from Regions, and service groups plus 4 national black members ; disabled members  and young members seats.

NEC elections give you an opportunity to elect a leadership that will ensure UNISON uses its full weight in the interests of members like us. Branches like ours need a fair share of the union’s resources and we need to know we have the backing of the leadership when we have to take action in defence of pay, jobs or services.

Elections often have a low turnout; please ensure that you do use your vote, in these important elections. This branch has nominated the following candidates on the basis that they stand for a fighting union.

   Paul Holmes  Local Government  Male seat
  Andrea Egan  Local Government Female Seat
  Jane Doolan  Local Government Female Seat
  Diana Leach  Local Government General Seat
  April Ashley  Black Members Female Seat
  Manjula Kumari  Black Members Female Seat
  Hugo Pierre  Black Members Male Seat
  Pauline (Polly) Smith  Low Paid Eastern Region Seat
  Sarah Crowe  Eastern Region Female Seat
  Ella Smith-Gibbs  Young Members Female Seat
  Kendal Bromley  Young Members General Seat
  Angela Hamilton  Disabled Members General Seat
  Paula Carlyle  Disabled Members Female Seat
  Anjona Roy  Community Seat Female
  John Gray  Community Seat General

More information on these elections click  link below