Council and Schools Pay Ballot Starts

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Council and schools workers have already seen a 25% cut in real pay since 2010! We’ve now got inflation at 6% (the RPI rate) with gas, electricity and petrol prices soaring. That’s why our pay claim in 2021 was for 10%. It’s above inflation and would have started to undo some of the damage of the last eleven years.

We’ve been offered an insulting 1.75% (2.75% for the lowest grades) and the employers won’t shift, so we’re now balloting for industrial action and you will be getting a voting paper in December. We think now more than ever it’s time to take a stand.

Whatever your view, it is more important than ever to use your vote – The law has been changed so we now need at least 50% of all members to return their ballot papers in order to get a valid result.

Of course, we hope you’ll vote Yes! That way we can take the action that will show the employers that enough is enough and that we mean business. #VoteYes #EnoughisEnough

We wish every member, their friends and families a happy and healthy Xmas!

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